Best Ever 1lb Christmas Cake Recipe


The Perfect 1lb Christmas Cake Recipe: A Baker’s Delight

Hello, fellow baking enthusiasts! It’s that festive time of the year again when the aroma of delicious baked goods fills our homes, warming our hearts (and bellies). Having spent countless hours perfecting my baking skills, I’m ecstatic to share a tried-and-true, scrumptious 1lb Christmas cake recipe that has been the highlight of my festive feasts. So, roll up those sleeves and let’s dive in!


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Let’s Start Our 1lb Christmas Cake Recipe


Eggs 2 large

Butter 12 tbsp (melted)

Cooking oil 10 tbsp

Sugar (powdered) 2 ½ cups

Flour 3 cups

Baking powder 3 teaspoon

Baking soda 2 pinches

Orange juice less than 1 cup

Dry fruits:

Raisins ½ cup

Almonds ⅓ cup

Walnuts ⅓ cup

Dried figs ⅓ cup

Sultanas ⅓ cup


Soak all dry fruits in orange juice and let it stay overnight.

Next day, start your cake preparation

Step 1:

Grease an 8×8 cake pan and place a parchment paper in it. 

Take all dry ingredients, flour, baking powder and baking soda, sieve it and place aside.

Step 2:

Take a stand mixer, add eggs and sugar, and beat it at medium speed to make the texture creamy and fluffy. Then add oil and butter and beat again for approximately 2 minutes.

Step 3:

Then, add all sieved dry ingredients and fold them using a rubber spatula. 

Its consistency should be thick.

Add all soaked dry fruits and fold them in the cake batter.

Step 4:

Then, pour it into the cake pan and place it in the oven for baking. If you dont have range, you can put your cake pan in the Dutch oven, cover its lid, and place it on the stove on low to medium flame for about 45 minutes.

Step 5:

After 45 minutes, insert a toothpick to check the cake. If it comes out clean, then it’s done. If not, then bake it for more than 10 minutes.

Your 1lb Christmas Cake recipe is ready to check and serve.



Pro Baking Tips for the Perfect 1lb Christmas Cake Recipe

Quality Ingredients: Always opt for the finest ingredients because freshness enhances flavor and taste.

Avoid overmixing: Once the flour is in, fold gently. Overmixing can make the cake dense.

Pre-soak the fruits: Soak the dried fruits overnight in brandy or orange juice for a juicier texture.

Test for doneness: Don’t rely solely on time. Always do the skewer test to ensure the cake is baked perfectly.

Cool Properly: Allow the cake to cool in the tin for 15 minutes before transferring it to a wire rack. If you won’t cool it, it will ruin its appearance.

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